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The Culinarian burners reach

New Highs....... New Lows

If you visit any restaurant you will only see OPEN BURNERS..... This in itself should tell you all you need to know about which is the better, Sealed Burners or Open Burners.


The professionals prefer open burners because they produce better results due to the high Btu rating and the evenness of heat applied to the base of the pan.


We have all tried to wok cook on an inadequate burner, we have all tried to sear a steak or a chicken breast and it simply does not work.  If you don't have power and even heat distribution there is a good chance it won’t work.


I am not saying you cannot Wok cook or Sear a Steak or a Chicken Breast on a sealed burner, you can, it’s just that you can do it so much better on an Open Burner such as the Capital.


In the pictures below you can see the flame coming straight up from the burner head. I am sure you can imagine the flame and heat hitting the center of the pan, which is just what you need.

Many people ask    “will an open burner range or cooktop make me a better cook?”   The answer is (in my opinion) is if you do the same thing on this range as you do on your existing range I truly believe you will get better results.  Now does that make you a better cook?  In my mind YES......


Another question that is asked of me is “ Do you think this range might be too much power for me”.  Some people think because the high burner is 23,000 Btu’s and they are currently cooking on a 14k or 15k Btu burner it will be too much for them.  My answer is “No”.


While the 23,000 Btu burner might take a short time to get used to, it is important to remember you don't have to have the burner on full all the time.  This burner, as noted above, can be turned down to a very mild 158 ° F.

So don’t be afraid of an

Open Burner

.............. TAME IT ...............








The new Capital Open Burner will amaze you with maximum control, with extreme high power and very delicate simmers on all burners. 
Anyone who has experienced an open burner will know what a difference even heat distribution makes when cooking; you will see vast improvements in the following uses.
Wok Cooking       Wok cooking is a dream on the open burners 
Searing                 Searing like never before with such intense heat the   
                             meat is seared on contact with pan.
Simmering            Simmering has never been so easy and even, noticeably 
                              less stirring is required with open burners. NEW SIMMER BURNER 
Boiling Water       The speed at which this range boils water is astounding.
Recovery              Once the pasta water has boiled, you will be thrilled with 
                              the rapid recovery time back to boiling after the
                              pasta has been added to the pan, a staggering 37:09 seconds.

The principle of Open Burners is not rocket science
 it is as old as the hills

Watch any old cowboy movie and you will see the coffee pot directly above the flame of an open fire.  The heat from the open fire hits the base of the pot and everyone gets hot black coffee. They drink a little then throw the rest
Today’s Culinarian series ranges and cooktops use that very same principal.  Hit the center base of the pan with direct upward moving heat and let it spread to the outsides, this will generate an overall even temperature to the pan base.  You don't get this from sealed burners.
It makes no difference if you are using full power or mid power or even the low simmer, direct upward moving heat will create EVEN HEAT to the base of the pan, you will notice the difference from day 1.
You will notice that the burner itself is made from cast iron with the holes for the gas to escape upwards (not a cap on top of the burner to force the gas out from the sides). You will also see that the holes in the burner are drilled in a very specific pattern and angle, the drill holes guide the flame towards the base of the pan at the exact angle needed to create even heat distribution.
This principle worked for John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, no reason to think it won’t work for you and I.
Heat Distribution Flame Pattern
Even Heat Distribution in Action

On the new Capital Culinarian range and cooktops the spark igniter is located inside the burner; this reduces the chance of damage or cracks dramatically. 

Spark Ignitor

Capital elected to use an individual ignition system for the Culinarian Range and cooktop.  This improves the life of each module and should the unfortunate happen and a module fails; only one burner will be affected by constant clicking. 

NEW Simmer Burner 

When it comes to simmering on any range or cooktop, nothing performs better than an open burner.
As you can see in the picture above, when the burner is at its lowest setting you only get a very small amount of gas coming from each whole in the burner head. The result is the same as when the burner is on full power, you get very even heat to the base of the pan which is what you are looking for.

It should be noted that ALL burners on this range or cooktop will simmer. Simmering has a direct relationship to the size of the pan and the amount of food or liquid in that pan. People often make the mistake of think that simmering can only be achieved on a small burner.  This is incorrect.
Frequently Asked Question

TOP TIP...If you have a boil over (which happens to everyone at some time) the holes in the burner get clogged up, simply lift off the burner head and use a tooth pick to re-open the holes. then carefully replace the burner head.

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