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About Us

A web sites stove and a passion for cooking sparked the beginnings of Eurostoves quickly followed by a commitment to bringing the best culinary tools to America's home cooks.

Eurostoves was founded because we have a passion for finding the best ranges and cook tops the world has to offer. Over the past six years, Eurostoves has gained the respect of the American public by providing unrivaled product knowledge and answering questions honestly.

We feel if we take the time to provide customers with the correct information , no one will be disappointed down the road. Too many times I hear customers tell me something another salesperson told them as fact, which in actuality, is so off the mark, it is unreal.

We created this Capital Website and the videos as a testament to our commitment to our customers.

We believe if we put the effort into helping and educating customers about the Capital series of ranges and cook tops with accurate information and competitive prices, then in return we will enjoy the trust of our customers who will turn to Eurostoves when ready to purchase a new range or cook top.

When it comes to customer service, Eurostoves goes way beyond the norm. We at Eurostoves encourage you, our valued customer, to come directly to us if you have an after sales question or a need for service.  Unlike all other retailers who are happy to sell you the range then leave you in the hands of the manufacturer, we are here to help you forever.

Our main intention for designing this website and producing informative, useful video was solely for the benefit of our very important customers.   While other appliance stores may sell this product to you at a competitive price, it is likely they will have little to no product knowledge about the  series of ranges and cook tops. Retailers who neglect to do their own research, or who have not tested the product to ensure functionality, or even cooked a meal on the appliance, cannot possibly understand how it will or will not meet your needs.   These same companies do little to present accurate information, product knowledge or after sales service and truly have not earned and do not deserve your business. We trust you understand and will appreciate our effort deserves recognition and we will be honored to serve you as a customer.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Please browse the site and if time permits, watch the videos, for you will find them invaluable in helping you decide if the new Capital  range is a good fit for you.

Who are We

Karen Callahan - President

Trevor Lawson - Director of Operations

Alex Ricciuti - Store Director

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4583 Highway Nine O Three
Bracey VA 23919


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Tel:  978-810-4038