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Culinarian Test Data


Boil Test

This test shows the time it takes for the Capital Culinarian burners to boil 1 gallon of water from a standing start of 75°  F to a boiling point of 212° F.

Test Criteria & Equipment

9.5” Diameter Pan (CIA), 1 Gallon of Water, Start Temp    75 ° F - End Temp     212 ° F

Fluke 51 series 2
J Probe

Total time to Boil 9:48 min/sec



Broiler Test

In this test was carried out to establish which broiler can produce the highest temperature from the top rack position.  The reason I chose the highest rack position was because broiling time should be fast and ideally  the food is placed  as close to the broiler as possible for searing or melting.

Test Criteria & Equipment

Highest rack position, J Plate position center of the rack, Door Wide Open, Temperature taken after 15:00 mins, Fluke 51 Series 2 J Plate

 Broiler Cooking Temp 483.3 Degrees F


Recvoery Test

In this test we boiled 1 gallon of water (212° F) then added 1 lb. of pasta.  We are trying to find the recovery time back to 212° F.

Time to Boil Water                         9:48  min / sec
Time to Recover                             37.9  sec
Time taken to cook Pasta              20, 35 min / sec

Total time to cook 1lb of pasta 20:35 mins

Wok Cooking

In this test I show that direct heat and superior power to the base of the Wok makes a huge difference, whilst I can not show you the actual wok cooking in a test I can show the amount of heat that is directed to the base of the Wok.

I racked my brain for days trying to come up with a comparison test that show the actual heat to the pan. In the end I came up with putting 1/4 cup of water in a 16” Wok then turning the burner full. I recored the amount of time it took for the water to evaporate completely.

One of the most impressive areas of this test is the temperature of the handle after 3 mins

Test equipment
1 x 16” wok
1/4 cup of water

Capital Culinarian Open Burner 48”   2:48    min/sec

Wok Handle Temprature

In this test I was looking to find out the temperature of the wok handle after having the burner on full for 3 mins. The results below reflect a potential safety issue with other ranges. The Capital handle after test was remarkably cool and easy to touch and lift without protection. Where as the other ranges could result in skin burns..............   

Capital Culinarian Open Burner 48”
84.8°  Degrees F  

( Not only hotter but safewr to use )


Race to 350 degrees

Possibly one of the most asked questions is...... “How fast does the oven reach 350 ° F."

The Answer
9:57 mins / sec