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I believe this will make the Culinarian range and cooktop the most extensively covered range in the US today.

Imagine having the piece of mind knowing you are covered under a factory / Eurostoves warranty for 4 years. Should you have a problem with your range or cooktop, all you need to do is to call Eurostoves (provided you purchased from us) and we will arrange for Capital Service to call you to assess the problem and make the necessary arrangements.

If you bought the range from another retailer you will most probably need to contact Capital directly as most retailers don’t want any involvement in the repairing of appliances after the sale.

If you have a problem after the first 1 years of owning your range or cooktop, the 3 Years Parts Only Warranty activates.  Eurostoves and Capital will be there to assist you with diagnosing the problem and locating a qualified service technician for you. Some repairs on the range and cooktops can be carried out by the home owner, so it might be that you only need the part to be sent overnight to your home.


TOP TIP........If you purchase your Capital Open Burner range or range top from Eurostoves and need service we will liaise with Capital on your behalf. It does not matter when you purchased the appliance we are here to help.


The Capital Culinarian Ranges and Cooktops will come with an Industry leading Manufacturers Warranty.

1 years Full Parts & Labor + a further 3 years Parts Only with Technical Support

The warranty above is for


Everyone is unhappy when an expensive item like a range or cooktop breaks down or does not perform for some mechanical reason, beyond the control of the customer.

Eurostoves and Capital Range Company understands and are in agreement the way by which a Service Department acts and the speed of their reaction to your problem can make a huge difference between an unhappy customer and an extremely frustrated customer.

Eurostoves and Capital strive to make a bad situation good “fast”, with as little inconvenience as possible, to you, the customer. This is why when you buy your Culinarian range or cooktop from Eurostoves, we prefer you call us, so we can attend to your needs.  Our goal is to correct any issues and have your problem disappear as quickly as humanly possible.

I understand how the service department reacts can make or break us, so with the help of the Capital Service Team, we will do everything possible to get you back on the right track to put the issue behind us all.

Should the problem require more, Capital will arrange for a local repair engineer to visit you and correct the problem as fast and efficiently as possible. The company Capital engages to carry out the work on your Culinarian range or cooktop will be one experienced in the Appliance Repair Industry.