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Pro Style Safe Range / Range Top Knob

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Capital offers 10 color options as standard and a futher 189 colors as special color options.

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Wok Grate

This option in my mind a MUST, dont under estimate how often you will use this grate




Range Safe Knob

Worlds First Safety Knob for Pro Style Ranges

Eurostoves created the first ever range knob of pro style ranges and range tops that locks when not in use, yet does not make the use of the burner or oven and inconvenience at all> we created this add on part to make homes and familes safer.


Statistics below have been collated from various sauces

Home structure fires are the leading cause of fire deaths

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 373,900 home structure fires per year during 2005 - 2009. These reported fires caused an annual average of 2,650 civilian fire deaths, 12,890 civilian fire injuries and $7.1 billion in direct property damage. Home structure fires are only 25% of the total U.S. reported fires, and yet they account for 79% of civilian fire deaths 75% of civilian fire injuries and 55% of direct property damage attributed to fires.

Quote....Cooking equipment is also involved in an estimated 4.7 million home fires per year that are never reported to fire departments, or two - thirds of all unreported home fires. These unreported home cooking fires are 50 times as common as reported home cooking fires and account for about 100,000 fire injuries a year, or eight times as many injuries as in reported home fires.

74% of fire related injuries originate from food cooking on a burner Another 8% of these fires and an additional 6% of these injuries start on the stove top during cooking but involve ignition of something other than food such as a towel or clothing. An additional 13% of these fires and 11% of injuries originate on the stovetop but not during cooking but when a child or pet inadvertently turns on the burner.

Range (cooktop) fires were involved in 77% of home structure fire injuries involving cooking equipment and accounted for 84% of all fire deaths involving cooking appliances. 74% of range fire injuries involve stovetop cooking and frying accounted for 59% of range fires.

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Available fall 2014





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Available fall 2014

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