The Capital Culinarian Open burner range has been designed to meet the demands of people who love to cook and for someone who needs to cook large amounts and fast... The New Culinarian Range series, with Open Burner highs of 23k Btu and the ability to simmer, will do everything you have wished for from a range or cooktop. Sear, stir fry, melt chocolate, simmer a delicate sauce, bake your favorite cakes and cookies for the kids and of course Roast that big Bird ....... Some will be thinking, do I need to be a working chef to use this range? Well, the simple answer is NO. I feel very confident in saying EVERYONE will cook better using this range or cooktop just by cooking the same way as you always have. Whilst your skill level might not change, using this range will improve your results. If you have a better tool for the job, your cooking will improve.

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